I am Germán Merlo and this is my website.

  • 2D / 3D Animator | 3D Generalist | Technical Artist

I studied fine arts and animation in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 
I am constantly studying tutorials
I am a national master of drawing and film animator, generalist, technical artist.

I started in 2003 in animation doing clean up, I went through all the stages of 2d work and in 2008 I became a traditional 2d animator. Soon after I became a flash animator (cell animator), I got into 3d out of curiosity and I never stopped learning.

In 2011 I began to work in design and advertising studios covering different areas in different projects, thus I became a generalist and technical artist in both disciplines.

Working I did character design, concept, illustration, modeling, texturing, rigging, 2D animation, cell animation, 3D animation, layout, motion graphic and sometimes supervising teams, projects, etc.

I work for video games, advertising, series, movies and cinematics.

In short, I became an all-rounder.
I currently live in Valencia, Spain.


headquarters in Valencia

The workers...

The worker

The boss

The supervisor

Some film projects, series, cinematics.